There is one rule in English spelling: "there are no rules, there is only a dictionary". Thus, all of us who have learned this language, had to learn the proper spelling of each word, which is not easy.

Some of English speakers resort to dirty tricks in their attempt to keep this vocabulary in mind - they write words according to how they sound. Wrong! English spelling has nothing to do with sounds. Specially if the sounds you hear or make are a bit off from what they were when the word came to be, if your vowels sound similar to some others... and you get what you get.

There is an opinion out there (mine) that it is not by mere chance that the word for casting magic entanglement, and casting letters into words is the same: spell.

The words in these lists were sorted according to their correct spelling - any spelling error in the initial letters would throw it off its proper alphabetical position. The most common offenders, like misuse of its-it's, are not included here - they would just overload the pages.

As of 01-18-2022 04:27:11 PM, the hardest words to spell are
you're: 59 times
If your having problems with our account, please contact the Server Team
there's a learning curve - but your always on one
choose standard or custom, and your done.
You never have any arguments about where your going, or when.
definitely: 56 times
I am definately looking forward to what will be delivered in the next build.
That is definately a confidentiality issue
any that you change from this point on will definately be a start
Iíll defiantly be able to make tomorrow and look forward to getting this sorted
your: 44 times
wash you hands alot
you're pathetic reaction
lets say you're rent is only 1/3 of what it is here
Use you cannon to get rid of this vermin.
a lot: 41 times
wash you hands alot
There is alot of talk from browser vendors about HTML5
Alot of murderers and rapists and scumbags
your mom's gynecologist needs alot more rope
separate: 33 times
database server and TimesTen server are installed on seperate machines
This may be faster than making a seperate call for each
There ***might*** be seperate rule sets for programs starting from removable media
Mail Merge With Seperate Source and Header files
their: 31 times
theyíre info is not being passed to
Therefore, important that everyone tracks there time carefully
because they use there own windows handle
They're ENTIRE business model is designed to gather information about you.
lose: 29 times
I would not loose sleep over it
instead of printing to screen without loosing the structure
when people don't exercise their rights, they loose them.
It will loose all mobile connectivity with the exception for emergency calls
there: 26 times
as long as their is enough height in the row
so their will always be traceability
and they're have been several for windows 10 already
Their is another product from these people
were: 26 times
that evolution is a lie and that slaves where "workers".
no bike, we where driving and camping
compatibility problems where problems and not just mere "rumors."
Why where we working that hard?
principle: 23 times
with proof-of-principal or the signing of the last waiver
good code structure and design principals
too broad of an application of this principal.
Thatís my principal and I have to do it.