A string of fake (translators') pearls

What is this?
Many a natural pearl of wisdom is mislaid as lost in translation. The translators cultivate them in their shells, and then take a lot of pain to publish them.

The breeders often insert grains into shells, so the pearl forms around them. Such grains are presented here, hoping to inspire the translators to grow even larger ones. So here are the intentionally bad translations, based mostly on ignoring the context. Other dirty tricks are not off the table.

The translation back into English is often much longer. This is to avoid going back to the (oh, so) original word, so a description is used to denote its meaning in the shifted context.
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can be translated to Serbian as
...and than translated back as
comic relief
strip reljef
smešan reljef
funny frieze
each other
svaki drugi
every second
master: Bruce Springsteen has sold his masters
Brus Springstin je uvalio svojim učiteljima
Bruce Springsteen has convinced his teachers
big deal
jaka stvar
strong thing
veći deo
velika pogodba
large negotiation
veliko deljenje
big division; big hand of cards
pawn shop
pešačka radionica
pedestrian workshop
dućan za pione
retail outlet for those who keep loosing pawns from their chess sets
for the time being
za vremensko biće
for the temporal entity
that being said
to biće je reklo
that creature uttered
great game
velika utakmica
large competition
ogromna divljač
huge wildlife
you got me wrong
dobio si me pogrešnog
you received an erroneous me
change period with comma in numbers
promeni menstruaciju zarezom brojnošću
alter the menstrual cycle, using a comma, by outnumbering
vreme promena zarezom, napisano brojevima
time of change by comma, written in digits
čep za predstavu
cork for comprehension
zatvarač za emisiju
shutter for broadcasting
change from major to minor
pretvoriti se iz jačeg u slabije
to turn from stronger into weaker
preći iz dura u mol
switch from a major key into a minor key
presvući se iz majorskog u maloletničko
change of clothes from major's uniform into juvenile clothes
promeniti se iz ovećeg u omanje
to be transformed from largish into smallish
coat of arms
jakna od ruku
a jacket made of hands
kaput od oružja
a winter coat made of weapons