Vaporized language

What is this?
"Political correctness" was not invented in anglophone world - that's where it got a politically correct name.It's all about naming things, groups of people, ideas and anything that has a word to describe it, in such a manner that nobody would be offended. That won't do much good to those who were initially offended - because the wrongs done to them still remain unscathed - but it's the thought that counts. When nothing substantial will be done, anyway.So here's a list of words which were once normal, but have now vanished and were replaced with politically rectified expressions.

As an addendum to this list, here's the list, compiled by Alan Popow, about the PC expressions composed using "challenged".

Not dishonest, but Ethically challenged
Not poor, but Monetarily challenged
Not fat, but Metabolically challenged
Not old, but Chronically challenged
Not ugly, but Aesthetically challenged
Not slime, but Morally challenged
Not a tin ear, but Melodically challenged
Not lazy, but Industrially challenged
Not a klutz, but Dexterially challenged
Not an airhead, but intellectually challenged
Not a slob, but cleanliness challenged
Not a tyrant, but democratically challenged
(Alan Popow)
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Forbidden words
Politically correct
„we ship to international addresses“ - completely wrong, even those few taverns that have a kitchen in one country and bar in another, have two addresses, one per country, and not one international.
fitness club
this is more of an advertising gimmick, but works the same way
pictures with sensitive content
graphic pictures
I guess the regular pictures are made of characters, not pixels.
earth science
when it wants to be taken seriously, not reduced to high school curriculum
sleep disruption
Or is it for "wakes you up at random"? Sometimes it's hard to decide what was the original.
the masculine pronoun includes the feminine
words referring to specific gender may be extended to any other gender
See? Not only pronouns, but also numbers, articles etc.
fraternity, sorority
Collegiate greek system residence
Why didn't they ask the Greeks?
see brother
salesperson, salespeople
People is now officially the plural of person. Multiple personality disorder is now people disorder.
repairs, repairer
Why not handyperson?
Pregnant (woman, women)
Pregnant employee(s)
Anyone who gets pregnant, regardless of sex, automatically gets employed? Wow.
policeman, policewoman
police officer
Some strange army they are, no grunts. Everybody's an officer. Who cleans the latrines, then?