Vaporized language - M

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Forbidden words
Politically correct
maiden, adj
As in surname, I'd say, only as a surname. And that assumes that the new surname does not come from a family, the new one. It doesn't count, only the family of origin is a family. The newlyweds should be insulted by this.
male and female
people of different genders
Technically wrong, gender nowadays includes at least nine different options; this should be "of different sex", but "sex" is also politically incorrect, they just haven't found a way to right that wrong.
man or women
a single gender
Again, gender is a matter of grammar and choice (trans-, not bipolar etc are also genders), sex is a matter of biology.
maintenance hole
One has to wonder whether this was rectified because of "man" prefix, or because of absence of "womanhole" in the language.
human-made, artificial, manufactured, machine made, synthetic
1. human effort 2. workforce
captain, skipper, pilot, safety officer, central
Now to turn this machine off, the main on-off switch is not enough, you need to find the safety officer switch.
men and women