Spelling - Y

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Egypt, Yemin, and Tunisia
This morning Yemin's top General quit
will send you a postcard from my yaght.
Terranews, which can yeild good coverage
yin & yang
village idiots with college degrees up the ying-yang
they have job opportunities up the ying yang
In 1999 I had offers up the ying yang for COBOL mainframe work
Dozen eggs - dozen double yokes.
yom kippur
during the Yom Kippar War
Your right, it doesn't make sense
the only time your liked is when
Your Welcome
If Billy-Bob FBI agent decides he wants to wiretap you then yer tapped.
It's never as good as giving a similarly lengthy retort to someone your actually mad at.
Especially if your having breakfast with Roger Federer.
that is the root cause of why your screwed up
When your asleep, your dream body can't close its eyes.
And that your killing lots of could-be-people by making ONE person.
your fingers vibrate like your electric
I hear they will even stone you while your driving in your car. . .
Sorry your right.
Ok, your right, sending votes through the internet would be secure enough.
Now if your equating unions to corporations
seems to think that once you acquire their software your done.
Give me a break John, your not very bright.
your going to have to get on this.
Your absolutely correct there will be some overlap.
can't have that, when your not there to do it.
if your an art-house intellectual type
an overview of what your going to get....
it's a non-issue when your ready to work with the product
If you keep whacking on this one issue (or the next one you could mention) then your not accomplishing a thing.
I'm sure your crazy busy, but
if your being watched
your probably looking at more like 3 - 5
You don't need an index on the Greater table - your checking the Additions table.
If your an american grow operator
My psychic said that your definitely the right developer for me.
If your still on the fence, there is greener pastures.
cause your officially my +1.
Hope your well.
Your not wrong but the venue for your fight is wrong.
your not going to get anywhere
If your able to create a seperate folder via the web client/email server
your invited to "back to school" night
if your single so am i
either you love bacon or your wrong
three strikes and your out, as far as I'm concerned.
your bound by your slowest async task
I hope your well and that you are fine so far
Your really fishing for an angle
if your not exactly certain of submission date
Well if you need help your always to send it our way..
your going to have a back up plan for the server
the depreciation is such a huge factor your better off to drive the wheels off your old buggy
Your doing it RIGHT!
IF YOUR GOING TO FAIL fail in such a way that
your doing it wrong
you know your sewrbian when?
a piece of paper that says your smart
zombies want brains - your safe
If your having problems with our account, please contact the Server Team
I can’t believe your really gonna leave this town
If I just passed you on the right your an idiot! (bumper sticker)
You never have any arguments about where your going, or when.
choose standard or custom, and your done.
there's a learning curve - but your always on one
If your having problems with our account, please contact the Server Team
You're problem may be that you need to
all of you're hard drives
yor tagline of infinate human stupidity
Flagstaff is probably you're best bet
You're answer might be correct
This could be the source to you problems
you're productivity v. the productivity of the group
To manage you storage system
amount of virtual memory you’re application has reserved for use.
does not work with you port
an entrance from you're house.
and you’re willingness to help us through this difficult decision making process
You're history with dbase, Clipper, vfp mirrors my own.
Does that make you collective list of fetishes everything, or nothing?
Of course, you’re productivity will probably skyrocket as well
it sure is important if you're world is large scale computing
I read you and Bill’s work
OK, if you're usual fare is Adam Sandlar then perhaps
either you're changes are not in version 5, or...
Only choose this if you web host does not allow you to
make sure not to accidentally take you’re wife’s super-strong sleeping pills by mistake.
now you're application works differently
a few basic snippets for you favorite languages
I’m Sorry Sir, You’re Vehicle Has Picked a New Career
go over the 5gig limit and you're connection is so slow it's useless
Do you make you own assumptions
and you computer definitely won't catch fire the next time
You're calendar should have a January 2013 somewhere in the margins.
If you application uses intensively the local storage
manages the tiles and then fires off you main app.
When you’re friend is asking if anyone wants the last cookie.
I put you're code into a project and successfully ran the test
help you child do better in school
If you're entire story consists of the reporter saying "well what if "
please give me timescales on when you’re listening interface will be ready?
software to keep an inventory of all you sewing supplies and tools.
Because you're table is already open
right about now you're heart is pumping
I think you're changes were overwritten....
you're feet are only a couple inches off the ground
Use you cannon to get rid of this vermin.
lets say you're rent is only 1/3 of what it is here
you're pathetic reaction
wash you hands alot
for a few reasons similar to your's
Strengh of the dollar v. the yaun