Absent words

What is this?
Occasionally I had to translate from Serbian to English, and hit my head against several walls, as it happens to any translator. One of these were the words which are absolutely missing in English. In several cases I actually asked Anglophones for help, but didn't get much.The missing Serbian words are described to the best of my ability.
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The word I can't translate
Description of a possible translation
report would be close enough, though „javiti“ is more „let know“
the seconds hand on a clock
c'mon, this is a technical term, there must be a word for it
prometna tabela
transactional table
look „promet“ above - anything that happens and is registered goes into such tables, even when there was absolutely no transaction between any two entities. Even event logs are such traffic tables.
matična tabela
lookup table
but it remains a matična (matica is the queen bee, or mainstream of a river, or a register such as census) even if you never do any looking
the day after tomorrow
see prekjuče
the day before yesterday
too short
the other day
I like the use of definite article. There are only two days in existence, this day and the other one.
the evening before the last
see sinoć
last night
actually wrong half of the time, because it may mean the whole night, while „sinoć“ actually means yesterday evening
even though the root of the word means „this night“, but the word for that is now „noćas“
make publicly known
literally, electronician, in simple analogy to electrician. Though it may mean both an electronics engineer and a guy in repair shop.
gojiti se
to fatten (oneself)
but we never hear „I'm fattening“, it's always „I'm gaining weight“, which is not „gojiti se“, it's „dobijam na težini“.
fucked but incompletely; left unsatisfied.
rear view mirror
it's from the same latin that's everywhere in english, so why did not this word find its place?