Absent words - D

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game - no, that's something people play. And if used to denote animals, it assumes hunt. "Divljač" exists independently from hunters.
venison - that's meat of a doe, not a term to describe wild animals as a whole. You can't say "this forest is rife with all kinds of venison".
wildebeast - no good, divljač includes all wild animals, not just the beasty dangerous ones.
palm, say most of the dictionaries. Wrong, on two accounts: 1. it's a tree, 2. even if it is inambiguously contexted to be a part of the anatomy, it may mean both of dlan and šaka (everything between the wrist and fingertips). Dlan is the inner surface of the palm.
flat of a hand - which would look really clear when you describe someone'd calous and rough flats.
awaital, reception; expectational party; feast while waiting for, opposite of farewell party. Two most frequent kinds are "doček nove godine" - celebration of awaital of new year, and "svečani doček gosta" - solemn reception of a guest, which happens at debarcation, usually at the airport or railway station.
up to a certain degree, up to a certain point/place/time
to a point - almost right, except there may be no point
somewhat - that's more the translation for "štogod", IOW it's more to denote that something is such to a certain degree, while "donekle" means it's such in part, not wholly, and that part is stretching until somewhere.
add to the writing; write more (letters, words, lines) to the existing text. Applies also when one adds to text of another - annotates, scribbles below a paragraph, adds a comment on the margin etc.