Absent words - N

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take the first bite of something so it's not whole anymore - first pinch of a loaf, first bite of an apple, first cigarette from a box.
najesti se
Literally, "eat (oneself) on". Eat (oneself) up, eat enough, have eaten enough, have eaten to the full. The very frequent phrase is "baš sam se dobro najeo" - "I have just eaten myself on well", equivalent to "this was quite a meal".
naježiti se
have goose bumps
skin crawls
The upright part of a seat. Dictionary offers rest, support, back - all of these words have a multitude of other meanings.
The process, event and time of lecturing. "Za vreme nastave" - during the time of ~ - "while the classes are on". "Posle nastave" - after ~ - "after the classes". "Praktična nastava" - practical ~ - hands-on training. The term covers only the actual process and the time while the lecturer is with the students - not the course(s), not the matter taught.
fucked but incompletely; left unsatisfied.
"Not-quite-well-done", or "not-up-roasted". Means that it should have been roasted more, roasting wasn't finished up.
"No kind of" but then the "what kind of" was not the question, it was "what like" or "what", but the "what" which requires an adjective as an answer, not a noun. And this is the absolute negative answer to such a question. Something like "none of any kind".
no such thing as, no kind of, none like, none of
Literally, "low construction" - which includes roads, pavements, fences, bridges and generally anything that doesn't go multiple stories high.