Absent words - U

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u sebi
Within oneself
Opposite of "aloud". One can think, laugh, or even sing inside one's head, without making a sound.
not a proper translation, because "ćutke" implies "stoically, without complaint", "ćuteći" (see ćutati)
"bezglasno" (voicelessly) is almost the same, and neither of them are a part of any phrase such as "čitati u sebi" (read within oneself, vs "čitati naglas" - read aloud), "smejati se u sebi" (laugh inside).
ucrvljati se
"to become worm-eaten" is the nearest that Morton-Benson has.
Generally means a sort of cabin fever but no cabin and no fever, just the sense of unease from long immobility or inactivity.
udvoje, utroje, učetvoro itd
in two, in three, in four etc - to mean exactly in a two- three- etc membered company. As in "this card game can be played in two or in four", where it means that it's a game for two or four players.
ugasiti (se)
Stop the fire; extinguish; turn (lights) off.

As a reflexive verb, it (fire) stops, extinguishes itself, stops emiting light or flame.
usrati se
Literally, "to crap oneself in", i.e. to fill the pants.