Absent words - V

last refreshed 11-11-2019 11:49:37 PM
tutor - wrong, because its primary meaning is "private teacher", and this is not; a vaspitač may exist in any institution where students/attendees/inmates spend some or all the time, be it a kindergarten, daycare, dormitory or prison.
teacher - definitely not; a "vaspitač" is not in charge of any teaching, but manners and social skills and socialization per se.
counselor - is too general fo be of any use; a "vaspitač" is not consulted, the clients do go to him for counsel, he's in charge of a whole group's upbringing
news (singular)
"jedna vest ili dve" is then untranslatable - it becomes "one news or two... newses?"
window case - unusable, actually goes to the ambiguity page (what does it really mean?). Vitrina is a cabinet with (some of the) front side in glass.
china closet - nope, doesn't imply glass front at all
showcase - that's for show, like at an exhibition; vitrina is a piece of furniture
glass case - ambiguous and probably wrong; vitrina is not a case made of glass, it has only the front (sometimes partly curved to the sides) in glass, the rest is wood and veneer.