One is enough

What is this?
I don't know what's the proper name for this category of words. The cases when one word from a phrase is taken out to mean the whole phrase, despite it having several other meanings when used apart from the phrase.

For symmetry, I've included a few oddly specific phrases, where an extra word is commonly added to denote the very important difference between the millions of instances of the common variant and the couple of exceptions.
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is taken to actually mean
why is this wrong
whiskey by bourbon street/county recipe
not exactly wrong, it's just that nobody ever thinks of poor french kings
circuit breaker
there are many other breakers, e.g. waves, or in CB radio, break dancer. It's easy to run into ambiguity.
pepperoni (2)
pizza with pepperoni sausage
pepperone is a hot pepper
sausage with pepperoni
pepperoni is plural of pepperone, which is a hot pepper
mother's milk replacement, where the word „formula“ was used at some point in advertising
Formula is a shorthand written expression in maths, physics chemistry. Usually describes a law of nature or a recipe for cooking up a compound."Baby formula", however, is not a recipe for "how to make a baby".
accounts receivable, payable
accounts of suppliers and buyers
You can't really send, receive or pay an account. Account is not an item, not a sum, it's just an agreed slot in which certain debts and payments are written
it's shorthand for both „pharmaceutical drug“ and „psychoactive drug“, and in many cases it's hard to decide which one was meant.
a file containing an image of a disk written in ISO 9660 format.
ISO is the international standards organization, not a file extension. Many don't even know this, they say eye ass owe and mean a file.
chief cook
The word simply means chief. Saying that chef automatically means a cook is an actual insult to all other chiefs in francophone countries who are not cooks. Like chef de police.
coup d'etat
because word coup means at least a dozen other things in french
rice pilaf
Because, in history, there were a few cases when pilaf was made of wheat. So state million times that this is not the case.
french fried potato
"Fry" could be anything fried, including electronics, fish, any steak.Besides, it was invented by Belgians.
television set
Same word is used for television as a system, and sometimes for a television station. That's confusing.