Nemam reči - Z

osveženo dne 8-X-2015 12:41:00
to burn, but not really. It's only about food, when it goes brown or black on the bottom or edges, and sticks to the vessel. Specially happens when you boil the milk - can't call that burning, can you? As a passive adjective - zagoreo/la - it denotes a vessel which wasn't properly scrubbed after this happened (possibly more times). In slang it means, by inference, eager for sex after a considerable number of days without it.
"ruse" it is not, i.e. my dictionary is wrong. Ruse happens intentionally, translates as "varka", or "prevara". Zavrzlama is anything that's gone too complicated - think of fishnet, or 100 phone cables entangled in one box, or any mix-up with addresses, all covered by the same term.
imaginary things growing around one's teeth when one's appetite is tickled
to start keeping [one's own] eyes closed, to close [one's own] eyes
a travelling party of refugees, usually a whole village on foot.
freeze - no, because it means going below zero, not just feeling cold
winter preserves - jam, pickles, dried meat - as a whole
Ppen (one's) mouth... as a single verb. Also can be said that a shoe does it when its seams unravel.