Niska lažnih (prevodilačkih) bisera - T

osveženo dne 26-II-2016 18:54:47
there just isn't anywhere better to be
tamo pravedan nije ma gde bolje biti
over there righcheous is not better to be at any location
there's no such thing as a free lunch
tamo nema takve stvari kakav je slobodan ručak
out there no such object exists similar to a lunch in liberty
time after time
vreme posle vremena
the time after the end of time
ritam iza ritma
rhythm behind the rhythm
vreme po vremenu
weather depending on time
vreme po vremenu
time depending on weather
treat: why you treat me this way
zašto me častiš ovim putem
why do you pay me drinks/food along this road
zašto me častiš ovim putem
what's the occasion to buy me this road
try harder
sudi tvrđe
judge more stiffly