This should have been a book, but as it goes, I never get to put all the stuff in one place, compile the material... so here they are:

Programming jokes


which have nothing to do with programming

or it only seems so

Along with my work, I often get to help younger programmers, and teach them old tricks. This series of jokes was proven to be a valuable teaching tool.

They are all real life jokes, and I've heard most of them from people who wouldn't know the difference between a hard drive and a tow truck. It's the programming practice that revealed their inner meaning to me.


The bell
Muddy kids
300 kg
Auntie Emma
Feed the pigs
Chinese Cook's Revenge
Carriage Ride
Drive Right
Painting a line
Mouse king
Play the piano

Keep in mind that these jokes are translated from Serbian, so they required a bit of explanation at some places.


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